Bespoke and user-centered Cross-Platform Designs

UX/UI Design & Research

I create user-friendly cross-platform design that, through logical structures and clear navigation, enables users to operate your applications intuitively, accelerate processes and avoid possible errors and frustrations. An optimized user experience not only serves the purpose of reasonable operation, but also enriches the user's processes and increases the pleasure of use.

Design System

A sustainably developed design system enables your team to develop faster, more efficiently and more consistently by using universal components, modular concepts, and defined design guidelines. This results in a consistent and intuitive user experience, streamlined cross-team collaboration and increased profitability for your organization.

Web Design & No-Code Development

The website is the showcase of any organization, a professional web presence conveys competence and creates customer confidence. I provide you with design and development from a single source, using no-code technology I create a sophisticated website tailored to your brand or marketing campaign in no time.

"Colin's analytical and user-oriented approach enriched our software interface development in a structured and intuitive fashion, making complex web interfaces easily operable. Fruitful brainstorming sessions with Colin allowed for constructive discussions targetting optimum solutions while striving for perfection."

Dr. rer. nat. Simon van der Wulp

Research Coordinator at GmbH