Holistic processes as foundation for excellent work


Close collaboration with product owners, development, management and users is natural for me in order to consider all perspectives as well as technical feasibility in the design process.

Research is also an important part of my process, as a design only becomes fully functional with insights into the target audience interests, problems, or behaviors. I use these insights to develop targeted strategies and concepts and translate them into sophisticated, user-centered design solutions.


To overcome the lack of communication and transparency that often occurs in projects, we work closely with state-of-the-art tools, which increase not only communication but also productivity and the quality of work results.

We work in an agile manner and use ideation techniques to maximize results at all phases. Project management and handover, knowledge sharing and communication take place in an easily accessible environment to break down barriers.

Through the experiences I have made in my professional career, my standard for optimized workflows has increased greatly. Besides increasing productivity, working in such an environment is simply more fun and I like to share that with my clients.

"When Colin and I aren't chatting about cycling, we're working on a SaaS platform for nature and climate conservation at NatureConnect GmbH. Colin develops UX and UI concepts and designs for our platform and helps us with user-centered development through interviews with the client. Colin also integrates user feedback into the design very well and especially implements it very quickly, I am always surprised at how fast Colin comes up with suggestions so we can quickly find a solution for each new feature that comes up."

Damian Droste

Data Scientist and Project Manager at NatureConnect GmbH