I live aesthetic design and am an enthusiast of digitalization


5 years

UX/UI Design

4 years

Graphic Design

3 years

Visual Marketing

3 years

Design Management

Quality and aesthetics are part of my personality and are reflected in all areas of my daily life as well as in my work. I am an explorer, my whole life it excites me to pursue new goals, make new experiences, learn and grow personally. I have high expectations of myself and my work, that's why reliability and proactivity are very important for me.

I work with companies and agencies to develop sustainable, functional and user-friendly digital products. To drive digitalization and close the gap between design and development, I increasingly use no-code tools and code-based design, which contributes to faster development and higher quality of the product.


My most exciting time so far I had in the development of Cloud Platforms‭, ‬SaaS products‭, ‬Progressive Web Apps‭, ‬Native Apps and Geographic Information Systems in the area of Big Data and spatial data management, analysis, and visualization for B2B and B2C clients.

I have worked on topics like Internet of Underwater Things, intelligent anchor planning, and construction of renewable energy facilities. I also worked on projects like Marispace-X, a maritime digitalization project as part of the European cloud solution Gaia-X. It is very exciting to see how new technologies and digitalization can create new possibilities and make previously inaccessible areas more accessible.


2022 / Colin Reitz Portfolio Website

2022 / Colin Reitz Portfolio Website