I live aesthetic design and am an enthusiast of digitalization


5 years

UX/UI Design

4 years

Graphic Design

3 years

Visual Marketing

3 years

Design Management

Design and my sense of aesthetics are reflected in all areas of my daily life. Quality, functionality, and aesthetics are part of my personality, which is also reflected in my work.

I am an explorer, my whole life it excites me to pursue new goals, make new experiences, learn and grow personally. I have high expectations of myself and my work, that's why reliability and proactivity are very important for me.

I support projects across the IT sector. With my work, I want to drive digitalization and help develop sustainable, functional and user-friendly products. To drive digitization and close the gap between design and development, I work more and more with no-code tools and code-based design, which contributes to much faster and higher quality product development.


My most exciting time so far I had in the development of Cloud Platforms‭, ‬SaaS products‭, ‬Progressive Web Apps‭, ‬Native Apps and Geographic Information Systems in the area of Big Data and spatial data management, analysis, and visualization for B2B and B2C clients.

I have worked on topics like Internet of Underwater Things, intelligent anchor planning, and construction of renewable energy facilities. I also worked on projects like Marispace-X, a maritime digitalization project as part of the European cloud solution Gaia-X. It is very exciting to see how new technologies and digitalization can create new possibilities and make previously inaccessible areas more accessible.


2023 / IxDF / Planning, conducting and evaluating quantitative UX research

2023 / IxDF / Planning, conducting and evaluating qualitative UX research

2022 / IBM / Apply Enterprise Design Thinking, identify opportunities

2022 / The Gymnasium / Design principles, interactive design, design techniques, tools of the trade

2022 / Google / Digital Business Strategy, SEO, Content & Social Media Marketing, Display Advertising, international expansion


2022 / Colin Reitz Portfolio Website

2022 / Colin Reitz Portfolio Website